Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday Night Raw-On Getting Shot Blindfolded And Taking It Like A Man

    I just got home a bit ago, i did. I made a dinner for myself from scratch, and I watched wrestling and I knitted. I went over to a friends house and missed the end of wrestling. I also blindfolded myself and let her shoot me with her air pellet gun-little rubber bullets-and it kind of hurt, but not too bad. I have a little welt. I don't think that's really a sick thing to do, but it kind of reads like it I guess, it wasn't a bad thing I don't think.

I came home, and I walked by the dove cage in the entry way. The doves used to sing together, these two don't sing together. There was another dove, before, but someone walked into our yard and took the other dove. The replacement dove and the old dove don't sing like the old doves did. I believe the one that was left behind was called Jo-Jo after a name mentioned in a Beatles song, that's the girl dove, the one that's still there in the cage with the other dove, who doesn't sing with her, and I don't believe this dove even has a name.
The other day I was walking one of the dogs that lives here at the house, and I came across a dead bird outside the Rock River Times. I put it in my pocket and continued walking the dog. On the way home I buried the bird in between two tress outside of a church. I wrote a few bars to a song, the song goes like this so far:
I buried this bird,
I hope there's a bird tree,
I was hoping that girl,
would be the one to bury me,
when there was life in that bird,
oh lord how it'd sing,
as long as there's still life in that girl,
well that's all that I need.

The melody I sing it to is sort of based off a Roy Acuff song called "The Precious Jewel"


It's sort of a sad little tune.
I'm sort of sad right now, but it's a good sad, and it's a sad I have chosen instead of one being forced on me.
I miss peopel sometimes, and I remember them, and it makes me sad, but it's good to remember peopel sometimes.
Okay. I'm done being sad now.
Good night. Sweet dreams.

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